FOXO’s Chief Underwriter, Bill Moore contributed a comprehensive piece exploring the history and future of underwriting to On the Risk’s June 2020 issue of The Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting

In this piece, Bill considers the evolution of the criteria for preferred underwriting and uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of the current model, while providing a path forward that relies on the fast-growing science of epigenetics paired with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Epigenetic testing offers underwriters a more dynamic method to determine smoking pack-years, information on nutrition, fitness, metabolic health, data analytics and high-risk behaviors. 

FOXO’s primary focus is to discover epigenetic biomarkers  of health, wellness and aging in order to transform the current underwriting paradigm into a protocol that more accurately assesses risk while also providing a consumer engagement platform that encourages healthier lifestyle choices.  Read about the current state of life insurance underwriting and find out how FOXO is delivering a next-generation underwriting protocol that is set to transform the industry.