The SCOR and Coverager teams worked together to compile a report motivated by their strong commitment to helping the industry identify health and wellness solutions for clients and, in turn, help consumers live healthier, longer lives.

Together they created the Health and Wellness White Paper that explores the growing focus by insurers on wellness and well-being initiatives as they look to respond to the changing consumer needs of their clients. 

As a company seeking to do the same thing, we are honored to be featured in this report!

At FOXO, we seek to discover and understand the role epigenetic biomarkers play in individual health, wellness and aging in order to empower people to improve the length and quality of their lives, while making informed choices that benefit their health.

In this report, we share a bit of our story, our science, and how we are using molecular biotechnology to help improve people’s health and well-being. Read how FOXO is modernizing the longevity insurance industry or check out the full report.